Members of the Tools4MSP

The ADRIPLAN Portal is developed by a multidisciplinary researcher group composed by policy experts, planners, ICZM-MSP experts, ecologists, socio-economists, data and GIS specialists, modellers and software engineers. We are interested in applied coastal and marine research in support of Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) in the Adriatic-Ionian Region (AIR) and the Mediterranean, project development, international cooperation and knowledge exchange in MSP, and in contributing through sound MSP approaches to Blue Growth and regional development objectives (EU Strategy for the Adriatic Ionian Region - EUSAIR).

Currently, our research activities focus on the analysis of cumulative impacts from human activities (Hyperlink), tradeoff-synergies analysis of multiple sea uses, ecosystem-based approach, integration of ecosystem services into MSP and development of open source tools to support MSP and ICZM. We truly believe our work can foster sustainable growth of the sea and ensure a prosperous future for people and nature. You can find us at the CNR-ISMAR of Venice.

The ADRIPLAN Portal Team is composed by: